‘TUKI’ Pop Up fundraising Cafe

After organising our CommuniTEA in June 2016 we realised that there was a need in the local community for a regular opportunity for people to socialise in a similar way.

We could have organised a CommuniTEA once or twice a year but from the feedback we received it was apparent that there was a need for something more regular.

We launched our ‘TUKI’ pop up fundraising cafe in September 2016. Tuki community cafe can run from any venue,  we have run a Tuki at St Marks Church on Leeds Road and Oatlands Community Centre on Mount Street.

We have been asked many times where we got the name ‘TUKI’ from and what it means. When coming up with the concept we wanted to find a name that was contemporary, catchy but also had meaning. We looked at our key word in various languages to see what we came up with, and that’s how we found it, when we we translate the Finnish word ‘TUKI’ into English we get the word ‘support’.

Our  ‘pop-up’ community fundraising café brings together our community, creating community spirit and a sense of shared belonging, supporting Oatlands Community residents across all the generations and enriching  it for the future!

Oatlands Community Group are passionate about engaging with all sectors and generations in Oatlands Community. People can come along for an affordable lunch and stay as long as they want. Our layout is very informal, we have smaller tables for people who would like to catch up with someone in private and larger tables that encourage people to share lunch and socialise, where volunteers allow, we try to have someone to meet, greet and seat and make introductions where needed to avoid anyone feeling socially isolated or anxious about arriving on their own.

TUKI’s hosting and service is delivered by young volunteers from the community, we encourage and nurture the support that we receive from them. We have found that the mix of generations has been valued and appreciated by everyone, by giving our younger generations an opportunity to volunteer, they develop useful skills and build on personal responsibility and confidence, they also gain valuable experience which stands them in good stead for starting work and building personal statements for education. Through their work they learn the value of contributing to community and understand that their active contribution to community is powerful and makes a difference.

At TUKI we simply cover our costs, any profit is put back into the community through donating to local charities or charities that are close to the heart of someone in our community. Our vision for the future is that TUKI will become a real hub for our community, as it runs solely will the support of volunteers, we hope that people will come forward to volunteer to run a TUKI cafe, with our support, to raise funds for a charity close to them.

We are always looking for volunteers and especially people that love to bake! You may not have the time to volunteer by attending, but if you enjoy baking and have an interest in supporting your community, you could help  by baking in your own time for an upcoming  TUKI, home baked cakes and treats are our specialty and are very much enjoyed by our customers.

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1.    sup|port
[suh-pawrt, -pohrt]

1.    to bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part etc); serve as a foundation for:
“the community was supported by a fundraising café “
synonyms: hold up · bear · carry · prop up · keep up · bolster up ·
brace · shore up · underpin · buttress · reinforce

2.    to maintain (a person, family, establishment, institution, etc.) by supplying with things necessary to existence; provide for:

1.    a thing that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright:
“the best support for a community is the community itself”
synonyms: pillar · post · prop · underprop · underpinning · base ·
2.    the act of sustaining
3.    advocacy
4.    maintenance or subsistence
5.    one who, or that which, supports
6.    help, backing, or encouragement


Tea or Coffee £1.00
Squash or MilK £0.50p

Sandwiches – £1.50
(with salad garnish and crisps)
Cheese  (Pickle/Onion/Tomato)
Egg Mayonnaise
Ham (Pickle)
Tuna Mayo

Cheese Toastie 
(with salad garnish and crisps)
In white bread with either

SOUP & ROLL £1.50

CAKES £0.50p – £1.50


Sandwich or Toastie and cake
With a tea or coffee £3.50
Add Soup £4.50