Seat at my table


A Seat at my table is an Oatlands Community Group initiative that we are trialing  during November 2016. As the days get shorter and darker opportunities to socialise can dwindle. We would like to suggest that you invite someone to share a seat at your table.

You could invite an elderly neighbour who always eats on their own, somebody that you know that lives alone, someone that you might like to get to know a little better or maybe somebody that has recently moved to your area.

Social isolation does effect the elderly, but remember, that it not come at an age. There are many reasons a person, family, even people with very busy lives, can be left feeling socially isolated, extending a simple invitation to someone could be all it takes to make a positive difference. However social isolation is not the only reason to extend an invite to someone, just taking the time to extend your table builds on friendships and community and that is something to be celebrated.

By offering a seat at your table and cooking a little extra to accommodate someone else is such a small task, but his small task could potentially have a very positive impact on someone’s life and enrich your  table at the same time.

Oatlands Community Group will be monitoring feedback and success stories so that we can determine whether  this is an event that will add value to Oatlands Community and worth building on. Feedback can be sent in anonymously if you choose, but sharing your feedback with us is vital to us understanding if it has been worthwhile and encouraging others to see the value in this initiative and hopefully, share a seat at their table with somebody.

To download a ‘Seat at my table’ invite CLICK HERE