Oaticulture Harrogate Plant and Seed Swap

Oatlands Community Group Harrogate has teamed up with the St Mark’s annual Plant and Seed swap to present Oaticulture Harrogate. We hold an Oaticulture event twice a year, in spring and in autumn.

Here is a chance to thin out your plants and make space for new ones, plants that already like to grow in the Oatlands area Harrogate! Please think ahead and search your garden for spare plants to pot up, and seeds that you think you could collect and label for the next Oaticulture Harrogate event.  Why not get your children or grandchildren  involved by searching the garden for seeds during summer holidays?

The plant and seed swap is FREE to use, you are welcome to make a swap or if you do not have anything to offer you are more than welcome to take plants or seeds in return for a donation to our chosen charity.

In today’s world we are used to buying things we want when we need them, it’s first impulse, if we want to grow vegetables, or fill our borders, we buy a packet of seeds or pop to the commercial garden centre, now where’s the fun in that?

Saving seeds to sow the following year is a dying tradition in today’s fast paced society and this is something that Oatlands Community Group would like to regenerate with Oaticulture Harrogate. We are hoping that our seed swap with enrich our community in more ways than one. The idea of swapping seeds and plants not only has a personal economic benefit but we have introduced a charitable element for those that choose to donate to our chosen local cause. Interestingly though the element of most benefit may well be the community we build around a common interest, sharing ideas, skills and techniques that will enrich lives as well as the community.

In between the Oaticulture Harrogate events, plants can still be donated and purchased from the Saints’ Plant Stall on the corner of St Helen’s Road and Hookstone Drive and all proceeds from this stall are donated to local charities. Click here for more info

To find out more about dates and times of our next event click this link to visit our event page.

Growing plants from seed is generally straightforward and inexpensive. It is an opportunity to increase the number of plants in your garden for free. Below are a couple of links with useful information on how to save seeds and thin out plants.

RHS Horticultural Society – Seed collecting and storing

Seedy Sunday-  Fact sheets

You Tube video – Thinning out plants