This Month’s Tuki Fun

This month’s Tuki Cafe was, as always, a fun and sociable event, full of cake sales, teddy adoptions and tombola’s.

The second I walked through the doors of the Church building, along with the mixed scent of soup and cake, a bustling, friendly atmosphere greeted me and I found myself ready to join in with the excitement of adopting a teddy – there’s a certifcate of adoption and everything! As I browsed the table of books, which was like glancing at heaven for a bookworm like me, I could hear conversations between strangers about how long they’d been coming to events like this, or whether they had any grandchildren who went to the local school. It was a beautiful thing, to hear two lovely old ladies talk to each other so easily; not that this surprised me, because everyone was incredibly approachable and smiley. But it was this conversation that sparked my sudden burst of confidence to move from the corner of the room and look around.

My favourite stall and by far the busiest, was the cake stand; the mixed aroma’s of orange and mincemeat slices, fairy cakes and rocky road smelled as good as the cakes looked. The cheap and reasonable prices immediately caused me to wish I hadn’t left my purse at home. I was gutted. I further moved round the room, greeted by smiles and warm welcomes, past the teddy-adoption stand to the tombola, in aid of the Harrogate Homeless project. This, not only is a classic stall for any kind of event, and loved by adults and kids, but is for such an incredible cause, I was again wholly disappointed by my lack of money. The stand next to this also caught my eye, as all the donations go to the Homeless project, but it’s a kind of free for all stall – the idea is you take what you want and make a donation of however much you wish. Again, an original and fun idea. (It’s for a good cause too!)

And in the far corner, was a lovely lovely lady called Kay was knitting away for the Friendship Blanket. I had so much fun learning about what the Friendship Blanket is all about and in fact I learnt so much, I had enough material for the blanket to have its own blog post (lucky thing) and this will be up soon. I also discovered I can knit, much to the dismay of my fellow 17 year old friends. I now can add another quirky thing to the very limited list of hobbies I have.

However, the bit you’re all excited about is the food. Despite my lack of dollar’s, and so could not purchase what I could see, my observation skills came in handy for this part of the blog. A variety of toasties, soups and sandwiches are available to munch on as you sip either juice, water, tea and/or coffee and discuss your success at the tombola stall and whether you finally found the book from that series you needed that you only ever find at cheap book sales like ours.

All in all, the busy, friendly and fun couple of hours I spent on Saturday was very much worth dragging myself away from my favourite tv show and a good brew (when in fact I should have been churning out essay after essay).

And in the end, I wanted to come back next month but this time, bring a friend with me.

So come and find us, at St Marks Church in Harrogate on the first Saturday of June.


by Megan Watts (17 years old)