Knitting Ninjas or Ninja Knitting ?

We are thrilled with the support our knitting project is receiving.  We have interest across the generations from young ‘mini-ninja’ knitters to our highly experienced ‘seasoned ninjas’ who are sharing skills honed over the years and handing down a passion for knitting.   


The community cafe; Tuki (which runs on the first Sat of the month at St Marks) is the ideal venue.  Knitters from all over the Dales can come, share their skills & knitting prowess and enable a whole new generation to gain a love of knitting!


The involvement of the ‘mini-ninjas’ brings an opportunity to value differences and bridge the generational gap.  It may create a group opportunity where understanding the different characteristics of the generations is fundamental in building a culture founded on ethical values.   With changing demographics, embracing the opportunity for generational perspectives to be shared through knitting friendships & shared interests each demographic group has value to add to the group experience.