Friendship Blanket

We have set up a knitting club called ‘The Friendship Blanket’,  we meet on the first Saturday of the  month 11am -2pm at our TUKI cafe based in
St Marks Church on Leeds Road.

Our goal is to reach out into the community to find  ‘knitters’ that would be happy to share their skills with others that would like to learn. The aim is to  knit together to support some very worthy causes, this will also provide a great opportunity for socialising and skill sharing across generations within our community.

Experienced knitters can help teach knitting to newcomers, trouble shoot any difficulties and teach advanced skills to those wanting to learn. Or just knit in their own time or alongside others at TUKI.

We currently have a group of knitters, of various ages and abilities (from a 7 year old learner to 70+ experienced!), who meet on a drop in basis at our monthly Tuki café.  The aim is to provide an opportunity for experienced knitters to meet other knitters and to teach learners the skill of knitting in a friendly and informal setting, with tea, cake and chat as an added bonus. We have a supply of needles and wool to start off learners, who can then take away their started project, finish it at home and bring the finished version along to the next meeting.

The group knits squares to send to “Knit-a-square”, a South African charity which sews them together into blankets to distribute to orphaned children.  So far we have completed enough squares to make up three blankets and these will be posted out to South Africa shortly.

Some of the more experienced knitters  are making “twiddle muffs”, which are used as a calming therapy for patients with dementia – as the name suggests, these are muffs which have buttons and ribbons etc sewn into them for anxious patients to fiddle with.

We would also welcome donations of the following;
  • Double knit wool
  • Size 8 (4mm) needles
  • knitted squares for knit-a-square this is a charity that distributes blankets made from knitted squares to children in southern Africa (
  • ‘Twiddle Muffs’ that are a resource needed at the Harrogate hospital to support patients with dementia.
  • Ribbon, buttons and zips for embellishing twiddle muffs
For more information on this project contact us on or just come along and join us at TUKI.